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Have you received a CP2000 letter from the IRS? A letter informing you you have been selected for an IRS audit? Don't let the IRS intimidate you, give us a call!

In 2010, Kirk Leetzow was contracted by to represent their clients in audits in 5 states.

Kirk will personally meet with you and see what issues the IRS are questioning. After Kirk meets with you and reviews your case, he will have you sign a Power of Attorney for representation on your audit and collect a retainer. has been providing Tax Audit Defense and advisory services since 1988 and server over 3 million members. With pre-paid audit coverage, they will defend you against any future tax notice or audit. provides professional audit defense services on any tax return for which you’ve purchased a membership for as long as it can be audited. Their services include all communications and meetings with the IRS or state taxing agency, from the first notice to completion of the audit. You should never have to meet with the IRS or state taxing authority!

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It's our goal at Leetzow Tax & Accounting Professionals to to be the best we can be for our clients through rigorous education, client relations, honesty, and quality service.

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